Friday, 27 June, 2014


Have been a mom for just over two years now - 'just' seems an inappropriate word here! :)) Ask my mom and she says - He is only 2.. and you have only one child - what are you talking about! :P

Even now when I meet people they ask so how has life changed?!? Well - the usual - my life now revolves around the 'Son' of my Universe! That's how I always wanted it to be. So absolutely no regrets - loving every moment.

Has it been easy – oh absolutely not! It's been a roller coaster ride - tons of ups and downs. Moments of trepidation, dubiety and consternation. But even at the most nerve wracking instants there is one primal sentiment – that of unconditional love. Never had I fathomed that I could love someone so much. Sometimes I don't even know how much – the definition keeps changing every now and then.

And then – there have been moments of pure joy – the first smile, first step, the babble, hugs, kisses, giggles, incessant chatter, stories, chasing butterflies, rolling on the bed, cushion fights, hide-n-seek, reading books, mamma and baby 'gappe' time, making a mess and then cleaning the 'mess' together, bath time, play time, dance time.. this time and that time.. most of the time and all the time.. wakey time to bed time! :)

And to all the times to come - BRING IT ON!!!

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